Nothing to really report other than I’ve been sick… It’s so much fun, I highly reccomend it. I hope y’all got that as my sarcasm because being sick sucks major ass! I’ve been sick since New Year’s Eve with at first started as a stomach bug, then turned into a head cold… The head cold was way worse because it took me longer to get better. I was getting better which I was getting excited because I want to start training again but then I watched an adorable little baby boy who is sick and he got me sick again with a sinus infection. Woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and and a little bit of a sore throat. Luckily enough I have some meds to hopefully will get me well by tomorrow.

          What I am hoping for this weekend is to visit a person I care about. He’s getting a chance to get back into the states for a few days for work. Since we haven’t seen each other in seven years… We’re pretty excited to see each other again. One of the things I adore about him is that since I’ve been sick, he’s been nothing but caring and wondering what he can do to help me get better even him being overseas. That’s all the internet gets to know about for the time being. Told you before that I wasn’t going to share extremely personal about myself and my life.

          A good note, I got to reconnect with an old friend. He’s become a firefighter and got married. He also have a goober of a dog. His life seems to be going really good and I’m happy for him. It’s been nice talking to him like the old days. Ladies, I’ve got to say he’s one of the good guys that still exist in the world and his wife is one lucky woman! I love him like a dear friend. He’s been there for me through some shit in my life. I hope I’ve been there for him but life happens and we lost contact with each other. It’s been nice. I’ve missed my friend.

          So… My week so far has been all over. Looking for a job is still on the plate and looking for a place to live so that the future will hold more opportunities and hopefully a dog. One thing I’ve been wanting for a few years is is a German Shephard. Fluffier the better and I want to have him trained as a badass guard dog. But I also want a ton of dogs, horses, cats, pretty much a small farm so when I get the money to get a house, it’s going to have a ton of land. 

     That’s all I have for the moment… Hope it wasn’t too dull but it’s something I had to write out. Stay healthy people and if you get sick, don’t go to the doctor because it’s your body’s way of saying “SLOW THE F*#$ DOWN” Until next time!


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