So this weekend did NOT go as planned… For some odd reason, I was still sick like horribly sick. Sinus infection with allergies is not a good combination. Along with extremely dry throat and headaches, oh yeah it was going to be a painful road back to healthy. Hawking loogies that could make your stomach churn from the color, being extremely tired, and feeling achy is not a fun time well spent. Unless y’all are into that kind of thing but I’m not so y’all can have fun with that.

          Another thing that didn’t go according to plan was getting to see someone I’ve grown close to these past few months and that didn’t happen because his unit f*#%ed up the paperwork for him to come back to the states as an escort. So he is currently waiting for another person to take over as an escort and for him to go back to his deployment… Needless to say I wasn’t happy and I know my other half was furious but joys of the military. Just a forewarning to those that have families and want to get into the military reguardless of what branch you enlist to, they will occassionaly screw you over… HARD! Joys of the government runned organization. It happens. Look forward to it because it will happen to you eventually. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the military because I grew up as an Air Force brat and I loved it because I learned about honor, discipline, loyalty, and a few other things but it’s also hard too. My dad had to move his family where the AF needed him and he was away from us long periods at a time so he did miss things but I’m so proud of what he did that I wouldn’t change anything for the world. SO! The moral of this rant is that not only the servicemen serve but so do their families. 

          I think the only thing that did go according to plan is I went to SMITE world championships. For those who aren’t into computer games, it is a game where you get to be gods of multiple mythologies throughout the ancient world. It’s actually pretty cool. You can pick different gods and even pick different outfits so lets pick Bastet. She could look like her Eyptian skin or you could make her look like cat burglar. Or lets pick Baucchus, the Roman god of wine. He could look like his Roman drunk self or you could put him in a Elivs costume from the seventies. (FYI it looks creepy as hell!) There are many other gods to pick from and skins you could choose from. There were teams from all over the world playing this game. Now I will say that they all look to be young teenagers that don’t have a life other than this game and it shows in how they can play and win money from tournaments. This world championship tournament, the winning team wins I believe a million dollars! Holy s#$%! That could pay off all my debt and enough to still play with. So you go nerds! Why was I there you ask. I was arm candy for a buddy of mine to help his image. I can occasionally make my guys look good and help them with their street credit to attract the other females. (I’m actually not kidding) Proof is in this picture below. Now please dont think this young man can’t get women because he’s socially incapable because this sweet guy has a good job, a house, and can take care of you.

While the tournament was going on they had this contest of best cosplay costumes and I didn’t get pictures of all the cool costumes, I got two from some damn AMAZING costumes. Check out below 

The winner would win $20,000 dollars! Holy s@#$% again! See what being a geek can rack in the dough? So for all you creative, geeky freaks out there that don’t think being a geek/nerd doesn’t pay off? Oh you are so wrong. See above for the proof or check out SMITE for tournaments and put together your own team. It is fun to play and watch.

          Now that I’ve done my advertising(wink, wink) I’ll just finish up with how sucky it is at the moment to be because I’m still sick and still looking for a day job… It’s oh so fun trying to look for something in your field. The good news is that I get to start school this Thursday so at least while I’m looking for a job that I can educate myself in a future hopeful job. I’m really excited to go back to school again. I actually like the medical field and they are alway in need of people and I’m planning to be one of those people! I just want to get out of debt and hopefully when I start a family that I can help save money and eventually become a stay at home mom so  I can raise the kids and my husband can be the guy who brings home the bacon. Old fashion I know but I  don’t care. I think we need to bring back some of the old fashion standards of society. Not the women can’t be out of the kitchen or that all ethinics aren’t equals but the family and courting standards or even how to be social standard. I think we’ve become a society where it’s okay to be a slob and not have to present ourselves to the best of our ablilities. When is it okay to be in public in our PJ’s or to go to a job interview drunk? If you think I’m kidding, I’m not and I’ve seen both on several occasions and people wonder why the United States gets ridicule…  Now that is a topic I could go on for days about but I won’t because I’m sure y’all would get annoyed and tell me to go f@#$ off. 

          Hopefully my next post will be telling y’all of my first night at class. Oh I forgot to tell you, my classes are at night which is one of the reasons why it’s so damn hard to find a job. Until next time for my mind to blow up with something that needs to be said.


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