Well… This is going to defiantly be a test of my wills and patience. Just start school up again and the material was coming back to me as I was observing my new classmates. There is a range of people in this class. Male and female, older and young, ethinic, etc… It was going fine but there are some classmates that have to have an opinion about everything! It got a little annoying and wasting time. There’s nothing wrong with asking about situations but when you have to share your experiences with every topic… Don’t need to tell y’all how that comes across. To me it’s like compensating for something or have extremely low self esteem. Other than those classmates, they seem like a good class that really wants to do well and of course my teacher was adorable. I love her. I’m sure I’ll have more stories later on so keep y’all posted on school. 

          My health is finally on better side (ABOUT TIME, right?) Pretty excited about that because I actually like to work out and need to get back into training. Now I just have to work on my damn sleep cycle. (It’s a joke really) I did really well for my last PT test and I don’t want to lose that when I do my next test which I pray to god that I don’t have to do one this weekend. By the way, I have my first drill since being home this weekend. Should be interesting and can’t honestly wait to see the young pups waiting for basic and AIT. Tell y’all about that later.

          What is up with all the celebrities dying?! Holy crap man! First David Bowie, then Alan Rickman, Celine Dion’s husband and brother, Glen Frey (Guitarist for the Eagles), Brian Bedford, and Dan Haggerty.   Most of them are due to cancer… Guess it’s year of the cancer. Celebrities beware!! It is sad to see these great actors go because of illness but not to sound like an ass but I’d rather hear that than them committing sucide, drug overdose, or gruesome as it is murder. These celebs at least lived a full life and did wonderful work in theatre, film, or in music. I think the saddest for me who past is Alan Rickman and Brian Bedford. Rickman played one of my favorite villians in film history. The sheriff  of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Best portait of the historical figure in my opinion. He did other great roles such as Snape in the Harry Potter films and Hans Gruber in Die Hard but the sheriff is my favorite. Bedford did the voice of Robin Hood in the Disney 1979 version. He was more of the theatre but still a fabulous job at whatever role he was given. Humorously enough that two of my favorite actors played in the same movie but different times. One also the villian and the other the hero. 

          Shows what kind of a person I am. Been told that I am 90% devil and 10% angel. Just enough to stay out of hell and enough to barely get into heaven… Or at least to the pearly gates. I will tell you that I’m fiercely loyal, don’t like bullies or bull shitters, loves talking to people, tries to give people chances, and loves adventure. I mean, I joined the military and wanting to become an airborne ranger. If that doesn’t scream adventureous, I don’t  know what does. I just want to do good in the world and help people whenever possible and protect those who can’t do it for themselves. That’s enough about me for the moment.

          I did forget to mention that my mother made me a quilt and I love it! She loves to sew and I love her quilts. Here is her latest quilt.


Fitting for who I am and who are family is. I come from a military ancestry but I am the first femlae to join on both sides. So no pressure! (Kidding) My family is very proud no matter what I do in the military.

          Another thing I did for my mother is put up a picture of Goliath. My parents teach an early morning Sunday school class for the highschoolers in their ward. Their learning the old testiment and they’re learning about actually how large Goliath was. He was 9ft tall… Here’s the proof

 I’ll tell you this, it was a little scary putting him up. As you can see why…  My parents class loved it though so success!! I can say I will not be taking him down… My brother Joshua can take him down. It made my parents happy and that’s all I care about. I’m all about family.
          This all I have going on through my brain at the moment but that could change in a few hours…. Ya never know! Until next time.


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