Oh Life… Something is just wrong here

Okay, I have to say something about this transgender issue that has been going on as of late. Stop pushing the issue!! I just read that there is a curriculum going to be implemented of transgenderism. Mandatory into the health class from 7th grade to 12th grade. So the students can decide on what gender they want to be. Doesn’t matter of personal or religious beliefs. So my faith is out the window because someone wants to push their views onto me and my family. HELL NO!! You are either male or female. Look down at the genitals you have and go with it. When you become a legal adult and can pay for the medical procedures then you can decide what gender you feel comfort with.

Saying that little children can decide what gender they feel comfortable with is for the birds. Little kids act what they see and who they’re around. So if a little boy is only around girls and his mom, of course he’s going to want to play with make-up and dress up but doesn’t mean he wants to be a girl. Just to fit in. Same goes with girls growing up with boys. They’re usually considered tomboys but doesn’t mean they want to be boys. Yes I know there is those that always want to be a different gender, good for them but stop insinuating or pushing what they think they need to feel when they’re just trying to figure who they are.

These are little children, let them be children! Childhood is only a blimp into a lifetime but being an adult lasts a hell of lot longer than being a child. Stop pushing them into becoming an adult before they have to become one. I know I grew up in the 90’s but I don’t remember having to be forced into grownup stuff, I wanted to do that all on my own. Now I wish I was still a kid. They’re allowed naps, snacks, and playtime. Who wouldn’t want that! I don’t have children but doesn’t mean I want the next generation have so much pressure and bullshit. Prepare them yes but don’t take away that we only have one life to live… Make the most of it and make memories that will last. Stop with the entitlement, let kids be kids, let us discipline them but not beat them, give teachers more power back into the classrooms, and stop letting them act like assholes.

Do you people not realize how smart kids are and know how to manipulate you adults. How do I know that? Because I was a kid and was able to pull stunts on my parents until they wised up and caught me… So sucks for kids I babysit, nanny, or my own because they won’t be able to get away with half the crap that I did. Even I wasn’t able to get away with much because I was stuck with having two older brothers. One being the mischievous and the other having special needs. I was SOL (shit out of luck) from the start! So you see, you are only fueling the power kids already have by giving them more power!!

I’m sorry if you wanted to have specific gender for your first born or in general but obviously the higher powers wanted to teach you a lesson( I believe in a Heavenly Father personally) People need to start learning to be happy with what is given not what you think you want. Be grateful you might have a job, a roof over your head, family, etc… When did we become a people that only cared about material possession? Those can get taken away from you in a instance.

I’m not judging you on your sexual preference. If you’re straight, gay, transgender, cool. I don’t believe in those things but I will not judge or deny you respect as long as its given back. Honestly, I don’t give a rats ass who you want to be with personally. Just don’t force it upon my beliefs and don’t break the law. That is how I honestly feel about all of the gender identification that’s been going on. Don’t think that I’m narrowed minded because I think like this. I have an uncle who is gay and has a cute partner, good friends that are gay and want to have sex changes and I still love them just the same. Please go and live life! Worry about war and evil instead of this. That is what I have to say on the matter and I’m going to stick with it. Until next time.


Mood Killer

You know what really sucks about life? Dealing with it… When did it have to become so damn hard? When did start worrying what was politically correct or having someone get offended every five seconds? Do you know how tiring it is? Holy shit is it! There is a difference between politeness and etiquette and having to take everyone’s feelings! Um, no. Someone is always going to get hurt no matter what you do, so instead of trying not to offend someone, learn how tactful, pick and choose your battles, and learn how to take criticism. Grow the F@#$ up. I’ve learned that you can’t please all the people all the time, but you can please some of the people some of the time. I’m just tired of the stupid shit that is menial in hind sight and we need to start worrying about what really matters in life. Okay, there’s my rant about the world for now.

My real reason for this post is how I’ve been feeling for the last few months hence I haven’t been here to write. I’ve been having symptoms… No sleep, up and down appetite, can’t really focus on things, no motivation to do anything, not wanting to work-out, etc… This has been going on for a few months. I thought at first it was due to being sick which that sucked major ass. Then I thought it was due to allergy season. But then it was still going on after everything. So I finally went to the doctor and once again I’ve been told I have depression…

It’s that wonderful to be told that? Hell no!! I hate being told I have a disease that is so crippling to oneself. There are so many variations of depression but all are just a dangerous. Unfortunately I have the kind of depression that makes me a slave to not wanting to do anything… Sleep all the time, feeling crappy all the time, and just not feeling like you can function. So basically you feel and sometimes look useless.  Doesn’t having depression sound fun kids? I think not!! I personally don’t like feeling weak which to me what depression it. Weakness. Who in the hell likes feeling weak? I sure don’t! I want to conquer the world. (Maybe not the world)

I am blessed enough to have a good doctor who I had for years and understands me. So she gave me some medication to hopefully put the kick back into my step. It’s only been a few days and I can already feel like my old self which is why I can write this post. I also have a wonderful bishop who cares enough about me personally to take me aside and really ask whats going with me. Hate to admit this but I kind of broke down on him. It wasn’t hysterical or anything but just let it out there on the floor. Not going into details because that’s not what I’m about. My bishop is a wonderful man and really took whats going on with me into consideration. Help me not to try to take it all at once but one thing at a time. Step by step or line upon line.

So what is the whole point to all of this? To tell anyone out there that depression sucks! Its horrible and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. It damages and destroys everything in its path. But I also want anyone to know that you shouldn’t feel alone in this. Find someone, anyone you can trust and get them to have your back, go find a good doctor and talk to them about what is the best plan of action for you, and then go fix yourself. It’s going to take time. This isn’t something you can fix overnight. You have to want to get better because you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. So please know that depression does suck but there is a way of making it not so overwhelming.

Thanks for reading this and hope to write again soon!