Just Wow…

The reasoning behind my title is just everything that is happening… We’ve had many terrorists attacks around the world this year. Too many for my liking. Yesterday it was in Turkey, at an airport. Information is still coming in about deaths and injuries but it’s the facts this is happening around the world and regularly is appalling. Terrorist attacks have been happening all over the world and what are we really doing to stop it? From what I’ve seen… Nothing.

Yes, this is a war on terrorism. With ISIS more like it. And you know what, we’re letting them win. Why do I say that? Because we are letting them get into our countries and ruin our homes because they think we are infidels. We aren’t going after the head of their snake but we’re feeding them and making them stronger and harder to destroy. The last time someone thought like that, he committed genocide upon millions of people across Europe. I’m talking about WW2. Hitler thought pretty much on the same lines with Jews as ISIS does with us. His people thought it was a good idea at first and the people let that happen for a time, but then they finally started seeing what he was doing was not right and gathered forces with each other and whooped his ass and his forces. So tell me what is the difference with ISIS?

As far as I can see, nothing. They are pretty much wanting the same things but on a much greater scale. They want to wipe anyone who isn’t Muslim off the map and they should rule the earth. Oh but these poor people just need to heard out and give them our sympathies. FUCK NO! They don’t like women, homosexuals, Christianity(Or any other religion other than their own), or anyone not from their land. Hmmm… What does that tell me? They are heartless and will do anything to cause chaos and destruction in their sick twisted way of cleansing the world of evil. This has been ingrained so deeply into their culture for so many centuries, that we can’t even fathom. If we want to keep our freedoms and liberties that our forefathers have given their blood and lives for then we need to start changing something and fast.

I do understand that there will always be bad people in the world but this is becoming out of hand. These people still shit in a hole in the desert and we’re letting them have this much destruction? What is wrong with this generation?! When did we become a people of sissies? I know this is safety measure and glad someone has thought of this but at the same time it’s really sad when a city in Germany has to install traffic lights in the ground so people stop walking in front of trains because they’re too busy on their damn smart phone! You do realize that if we ever have an electric magnetic pulse attack, y’all wouldn’t know how to survive? What can social media teach you about surviving off the land without electricity? Nothing… People!! Stop with the horse blinders and take a look around! I’m sure if people pay attention to their surroundings that we probably wouldn’t have half the shit that we have going on right now.

People will actually be doing something to change the world other than bitching about it. Go out! Write letters to your governments and tell them how fucked up they are being and to pull their heads out of their asses and start taking charge of situations rather than hiding behind medical scares or social rights. Here is my thought on life and y’all can tell me to go fuck off or that I’m full of shit but I don’t care. Men and women were created after God’s image to multiply and replenish the earth. Both men and women have roles to play to compliment each other. Not to rule over each other or put the other down. We’re not created equal but we are created love each other regardless of what we can do. Standards in jobs and life are put there for a reason for people to achieve them but to also make sure they can do the job no matter their gender. There is nothing wrong for a woman to be a stay at home mom or be a business CEO. Same goes with a man wanting to in fashion as well as be a soldier. I believe in a Heavenly Father who loves us just the way we are, not who we think we are and he knows who we really are and can become. Do what is right not what is easy, try to avoid the fight but don’t take any shit for what you believe in. Stay loyal even if the fun isn’t there, work your ass off for what you want, don’t blame anyone for your mistakes, and go live life!! Stop worrying so much about what other people think.

I also think we should nuke the hell out of ISIS and any other terrorists who think my people are infidels. Guess what, kiss my ass! My people have fought for freedoms and liberties and I’ll fight to keep them. That’s my thoughts or rants for the day.